You can Learn to Paint Yourself at Home

What? You have no creativity in your bones, I asked in my last article. It is important to understand that and any skills are a set of fundamentals. It’s okay to be afraid, because you likely already know these basics.

It is important to have the patience that you need, a desire to be able learn new things (or specifically passion for creative endeavors), and some instruction coming from someone who has more knowledge or experience. They are essential for anyone who wants to learn a new skill pastel painting for beginners.

What does this mean? Should I enroll myself in local art classes, or art colleges near me?

Not at all. The only exception is if they’re free. Let me share with you my personal experience. Since I am a’self-taught’ artist and have never taken an art course, I was able to start my own business. I can prove it. It is possible. If you still want to learn, then there is a lot of information available online or at your local public library.

You will see why you should learn how to do it. Please skip to the bottom of the page if this has already convinced you.

How to learn how to paint.

Ever seen a little toddler, perhaps parked inside a baby carriage, completely hypnotised as a tree blew in the wind. What makes trees so intriguing? In adulthood, we’re too focused on our jobs, our mortgages, our money and our relationships to take notice. The tree is a familiar sight as we travel to and from work. It’s green. It has brown trunk. Right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The baby is able to see it. It is possible for an artist to see. The same can be said for you.

The tree has a hypnotic effect on the child because it appears to be what it really is – a kaleidoscope of colour (each leaf is illuminated differently) that twists and spirals with every wind gust. The trunk of the tree is not a brown…see the way the sun changes the bark to gold, then pink as the evening progresses?

Learn to paint and you will see the world in an entirely new light. As an artist, you must become able to see these differences. It’s amazing how the colours and shapes of the sky change every time we step outside. We take clouds for granted, but they are crucial to all life on Earth.

Still not convinced? Are you ready?

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